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Compassion in Practice: 6 CLives

– Action area 1 relating to Helping people to stay independent, maximising well being and improving health outcomes.

Principles of Nursing Practice

The eight Principles of Nursing Practice can be applied to this learning resource however, the principles that feature most predominantly are that nurses and nursing staff should:

Principle D – provide and promote care that puts people at the centre.

Principle E – be at the heart of the communication process

Principle F – have up to date knowledge and skills

These principles provide a useful framework for writing a reflective record of your learning. You may also think of ways you can draw on the remaining principles based on your own clinical experience and observations.

Relevant KSF dimensions

• Core 1 – Communication

• Health and Wellbeing 1 – Promotion of health and wellbeing and prevention of adverse effects on health and wellbeing

• Health and Wellbeing 2 – Assessment and care planning to meet health and wellbeing needs.

• Health and Wellbeing 7 – Interventions and treatments

• IK3 – Knowledge and information resources.

Development team

This learning area was developed by Louise Cox

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Thanks to the following people for their review of the materials in this learning area:
Amanda Cheesley, Long Term Conditions Advisor, Royal College of Nursing


The Learning Zone upholds the principles of confidentiality and anonymity. We would like to thank the models, actors and others who allowed their images to be used in this learning area. The scenarios are based on real events however, names and identifiable information of people and places have been changed except for those already in the public domain or where an individual has given permission for the Learning Zone to present a real life account.

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